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Ex Gambian president; Yahya Jammeh, flies out of The Gambia on exile!

Yahya Jammeh boarding plane to Equatorial Guinea on exile from The Gambia

Yahya Jammeh, the former Gambian president who had been in power for 22 years, lost the presidential elections in December 2016,to Adama Barrow,  and he refused to leave power.

He insisted on being president.

Adama Barrow was flown to neighboring country; Senegal, for his safety.

He was advised to stay in Senegal untill his inauguration on Thursday, the 19th.

Meanwhile; Yahya Jammeh still refused to step down, he called for a state of emergency in The Gambia, prior to the inauguration of the new president Adama Barrow. 

Most of his ministers and members of cabinet resigned.

With pressure from ECOWAS and other bodies, Yahya Jammeh accepted to step down, and he was granted asylum in Equatorial Guinea; a country which is not a member of the ICC(International Criminal court), so he would be shielded from prosecution.

Adama Barrow being sworn in

Adama Barrow was sworn in as president of The Gambia in Senegal.

This is actually the first time that The Gambia has seen a democratic transfer of power since they gained independence in 1965; as Yahya Jammeh seized power through a coup d’etat.

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