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Experience Social Media In Pidgin-English With “Tori” – Brand New Pidgin Application

Created with Material Design and ease of use (Simplicity) in mind, “tori” is a social Networking application that enables users to interact with each other using “Pidgin English” as its main Lanaguage.”tori” includes eye catching animations, buttery smoothness and squeaky clean interfaces.

It brings social networking to you in the simplest manner ever: Front and Center.
This app is aimed at exposing and solidifying contemporary African culture to the world in a unique and traditional way, while letting users communicate and take fun to its extremes.
Why would someone decide to create an app of this sort ??
Developer answers;
“I found out that the rate of pidgin communication on Facebook was alarming. Pidgin Groups sprung up on a daily basis. On whatsApp, almost all communications between friends and families are being carried out in pidgin English. But I also realized one  thing. Facebook is a generalized platform, it’s not specific to a particular language.
“So even though users were communicating on facebook suing pidgin English, there was a lot needed to spice up their communication. That’s how “tori” was born. “tori” focuses on pidgin English, and brings out the beauty in the language. It comes with its own unique tastes and flavors”.

Thanks to their “Simplicity” motto, “tori” enables users to sign up or log in with one click only, using Facebook or google accounts. Still at its infant stage, the main available features are;

-> Making a post (nak tori)
-> “ndem”, “confirm”, and comment on a tori (post).
-> “ndem”, “confirm” and reply to a comment
-> follow/unfollow Users
-> Report offensive posts.
-> Blocking users(Put pipo for black book)
-> Pidgin Stickers for user interaction.
-> Group Creation
…Other diverse tones of features.
Coming Up
-> Custom theming for groups
-> Video upload
-> Group Chats
-User Suggestions for additional features if possible

“Tori” is currently available for free download on Google Play Store. Download it now and lets have some fun.
Click Here To Download “Tori” (Mobile App)

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