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EYASU: South West region fabric symbol of unity

The new fabric, Eyasu, launched in Buea on Saturday, November 18, has been described as a representation of the cultural identity of South West people, that will foster unity and peace.

An event at the Bongo Square, attended by chiefs from various parts of the South West region, marked the official presentation of the fabric to the public.

State authorities including the Prime Minister, Governor of the South West, and Minister of Culture, were all represented. 

Ngo Grace Ewang, the president of Eyasu and vision bearer of the initiative, said they worked for eight years to develop the idea. “We worked for eight years. We started in 2016, but the idea was conceived in 2014. From 2016, we started working with the chiefs.”

“The people are very jealous of their identity. We are people of legendary hospitality, we wear everything that is good but we needed something of our own.” She added that “there was a need to offer a fabric with South West symbols”. 

The launching ceremony also served as an opportunity to display other cultural aspects of the region through dance groups, fashion designing, and an exposition of homemade items.

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