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Fan pays $2.68 Million to have lunch with billionaire, Warren Buffett

An online charity auction that was launched last week ended up with a winning bid of $2.68 million where an anonymous fan agreed to pay that huge sum just to have lunch with the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Warren Buffett.
The winning bid came in the closing seconds of the five-day eBay auction, which drew 41 bids before ending on Friday night. It was lower than the record 3,456,789 bid in similar auctions in 2012 and 2016. The successful bidder will be entitled to lunch with Buffett at the Smith & Wollensky steak house in Manhattan where they can freely discuss all topics apart from where Buffett will invest next. The bidder is also permitted to bring along seven friends to this memorable and honourable lunch
The money as usual will go to Glide, a San Francisco charity that provides food, healthcare and other services to the homeless, the impoverished, and people struggling with substance abuse. This isn’t the first annual auction launched by Buffett as he has held 18 annual auctions for Glide, raising about $26.3 million. He became involved with Glide after his first wife, Susan, became a volunteer, prior to her death in 2004.

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