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Federalism and Decentralisation take center stage at the National Dialogue!

The Spokesperson of the National Dialogue; George Ewane said over 2,000 topics were brought forth by Cameroonians during the pre-dialogue meetings. Those 2,000 topics were those debated upon behind closed doors, by the plenary.

He mentioned that among other issues of National interest; Federalism and Decentralisation were in major talks.

Day 2 of the National Dialogue just begun.

“I would like to thank each and every one of you most sincerely for responding favourably to the invitation you received to be part of this exceptional appointment in our common history… 

I particularly welcome our brothers and sisters who have come from the remotest areas of our country and those who have come from abroad to attend this Major National Dialogue

We are here to pay tribute to all the innocent victims of the atrocities of the three dark years… 

The Major National Dialogue…offers us the unexpected opportunity for a collective start, aimed at finding concrete and pragmatic solutions… 

This dialogue offers us the opportunity to find, in the model of the commitment of our country’s founding fathers, the strength to transcend our differences…

We are therefore gathered here to seek to give our national community in general, and our brothers and sisters in the South-West and North-West in particular, a beam of light in the dark night of this tribulation… “-Day 2 Opening Speech by Prime Minister; Dion Ngute 

See program below:

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