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Film makers and artistes protest against the new draft Bill proposed by the Ministry of Arts & Culture which imposes federations, which would regulate all activities in the entertainment/culture industry!

BetaPipol artistes and mendem inside Film industry dey di riot!
Tin way happun na say wa Ministry of Arts & Culture don draft some Bill, sendam for wa parliament, way no hold wata for dem. 
The Bill di tok say for all sectors dem for wa Culture industry; that is for music, movies etc, gofmen go approve 1 federation for each sector, for control/regularise/supervise the activities dem for dat sector.
Way mean say for music industry, 1 federation go be, for movie industry, 1 federation go be, and so on.
For all dat diffrent federations dem, na gofmen go gérer the administration of the federations dem, and den no oda association no go be authorised. For example, now so, Film Industry get plenty associations dem, like CFI(Cameroon Film Industry). If dey approve dat law, e mean say CFI go be cancelled and illegal.
Den, anoda tin na say, the Federations dey go di control all activities dem for the industry. So for example, for music sector, if anyman wan do any event, or activity way concern music, e go need for get approval from the music federation for doam. If the music federation no approveam, e go be illegal and punishable.
Also, dat federation dey go control all tin way concern the industry way mean say even upto the content way go be released, dey get right for approve some one, ban some one. 
So artistes dem and film pipo dey say dey no want dat kine law, bicos e no go helep the industry for grow in any way. All des while, dey di cry make gofmen support dem, but wit dat law, gofmen go di instead spoil all tin way dey don suffer for buildam.
Film makers dem under CFI dey hold press conference for tok say dey no dey d’accord wit dat Bill at all, say make parliament no approveam. Some artistes dem too like Maahlox, Pit Baccardi… dey don blassam. Politician; Akere Muna too don blassam. Una see:

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