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Flights in Douala airport temporary suspended

At least 50 flights in the Douala international airport have
temporary been suspended for 15 days in order for rehabilitation works to be carried
out on the run way. The suspension takes effect from today Monday 10 to Tuesday
25 April 2017.
For 15 days, engineers will be working on the underground drainage
system and the run way whose outlets have been blocked. The airport director
reiterated that it is important to carry out the rehabilitation
works now, to avoid over flooding on the tarmac during the rainy season.

The airport director also stated that during the period of the
suspension, companies using the Douala international airport following a series
of meetings held resolved that flights will be obstructed form April 10-16, between
4:00 am-12:00 am, and between 4:00am-8:00 am from April 17-25, unlike in March
2016 when the airport was shut down for 21 days for renovation works.
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