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Floyd Mayweather Labels Justin Bieber A Traitor, see why!

Boxing champion FLoyd Mayweather who used to be best buddies with 23 year old Canadian singer Justin Bieber recently labeled him a “traitor” after Justin unfollowed him on Instagram. Justin was supposed to seat on the front row and watch Mayweather take on McGregor coming Saturday August 26 in Las Vegas only for the singer to unfollow the boxer before the actual date.
According to TMZ, Bieber who has suddenly become a dedicated member of the Hillsong Church was advised to cut away from bad influences as the first step to building his spiritual life. Though Mayweather wasn’t explicitly cited by the church, the singer has decided to distance himself from the iconic boxing champion. This made the boxer furios and labeled the singer a “traitor” because Floyd had stuck with Justin during his meltdown when everyone was attacking him. Though the singer intends remaining friends with the boxing champion,he has just decided to set some boundaries.

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