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Fon Tete Empire presents, Where Is The Love (Audio) by The Emperor ft 237 Stars.

At a time when humanity is going through some difficult moments, war, hate, greed, disputes and destruction, it is only evident that the solution lies in one world; “LOVE”, which happens to be the only route to peace, unity and subsequent growth.

With this in mind, it’s every citizen’s duty to their talents and abilities to inspire a positive change in the world. In this light, some 237 Stars have decided to come together to preach LOVE under a Fon Tete Empire inspired project titled ‘Where Is The Love’.

Powered by Fon Tete Empire and produced by Mister Melody, Where Is The Love is a humanitarian project featuring artistes like;  The Emperor (aka Sexy Stylish Boss), Briana Lesley, Tizeu, Franky P, Makon, Winney, Yong, Trisha Banks, Otang, Babaah Master and J-Jack.

With a brilliant delivery by all the featured artistes, Where Is The Love turns out to be a soul touching piece and a potential street anthem. Enjoy the audio as we look forward to the visuals directed by Mr Tcheck.

“We Are One People, in One World, One Earth, One Planet, …All we need is Love”

See behind the scenes photos of the video shoot :

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