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Forces of law and order take charge of notorious Amba General’s family!

BetaPipol these pictures above show the two daughters of a notorious Amba General called “General Aladji” with agents of the Cameroonian army forces.

On June 2nd 2020, our forces of law and order neutralised an Amba Camp in Achene(Bafut-NW Region). Some Amba Boys were killed in gun-battle, others fled, and several ammunitions and weapons were confiscated.

These two children; 17 years old  Ngwa Sonita and 6 years old Ngwa Geraldine, were discovered hiding somewhere in the village, with their grandmother and their great grandmother.

Their father, Ngwa Saidou Njiyang aka General Deadman aka General Aladji, had fled, with his wife, for fear of being apprehended or killed.

Since then, his two daughters, his mother and grandmither, have been under the care of our Army forces. They have been feeding them, sheltering them and clothing them.

Yesterday August 23rd, 2020, they were handed over to the departmental delegation of social affairs in the North West.

A hairdressing salon has been opened in Douala for Sonita while her sister has been enrolled in school.

“I am very happy because my sister and I were treated well by the military. We had enough to eat. We were visited by the General or the Colonel almost all the time. I say thank you for the money they gave us. Thank you also for the hairdressing salon which was opened for me and for the school materials given to my sister so that she can return to school”-said Ngwa Sonita.

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