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Form 2 English Text book which pays tribute to Ambazonia gets removed from the curriculum!

The book “Moving On Student Book 2“, enrolled in the program in the English-speaking subsystem in Form 2, was ‘fraudulently’ reissued in 2017 and the flag of ‘Ambazonia‘ got introduced in the book in a lesson on human rights and freedom.

However, according to a report on the CRTV newscast, the official book, which had a pink cover was evaluated for approval in 2014 by the national commission of approval. It had to be re-evaluated after three years, in 2018, but the writer went ahead to release a new edition in 2017 with a green cover before it’s re-evaluation time. So that’s why the copy is considered fraudulent.

The authors of this copy have been formally identified, according to CRTV. They are eight teachers from the Ministry of Secondary Education(all pedagogical inspectors), an employee of the British Embassy in Cameroon and two employees of the Cosmos  publishing house Cosmos.

“The eight teaching inspector teachers were all relieved of their duties by ministerial decree published on November 24, 2017. The book in question was removed from the lists of textbooks in use in Cameroon for 2017,” said the Minister of Secondary Education .

This has pushed the education authorities to adjust the evaluation time of the books allowed in the curriculum program. At first, a book used to be evaluated for a three year interval.

“With these kinds of things, we decided that textbooks will be systematically evaluated every year. We will go through them all regardless of the number to avoid this kind of things,”-reassures Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe Massena, Minister of Secondary Education.

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