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Former Minister of Defense; Edgar Mebe Ngo’o, is being accused of embezzling over 236 billion frs.

After 18 months in Kondengui, and a series of investigations, the charges against the former Minister of Defence; Mebe Ngo’o, have finally been revealed.

He is being accused of embezzlement of public funds estimated at 20 billion frs, that he mischievously stole through overbilling and fictitious public contracts.

Then, the former MINDEF is accused to be at the center of another embezzlement estimated at 300 million euros(196 billion frs), intended for the polytechnological project with China as part of the purchase of military equipment for the Cameroonian army.

And to top it off, the native of Sangmelima is accused of money laundering valued at 20 billion frs.

The former Minister of Defense (2009-2015) still continues to proclaim his innocence as well as that of his wife and his three co-accused ( Mbangue Maxime Léopold , Mboutou Elle Ghislain Victor and Menye Victor Emmanuel).

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