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Former Nigerian President’s Abuja Residence Emptied By Thieves

Tragedy befell former president of Nigeria Jonathan Goodluck as thieves broke into his Abuja Residence in Gwarimpa and made away with every movable item in the house.
This was made public by his spokesman last night. According to reports, the theft  was discovered last month and reported to the authorities. After thorough investigations, it was revealed that 6 of the suspects were in fact policemen guarding the house.
The police report read;
“Following series of enquiries from journalists and  other concerned Nigerians on the extent of the reported vandalisation and theft in the house of former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan located in Gwarimpa, Abuja, we, therefore, would like to make the following clarifications: The theft was discovered last month upon which a report was duly lodged with the relevant police authorities. The police immediately commenced investigations which led to the arrest and detention of some suspects, six of whom were policemen, even as investigations continue.
The house, which the former President bought from CITEC estate developers in 2004, was totally stripped bare by the thieves who stole every movable item in the house, including furniture sets, beds, electronics, toilet and electrical fittings, as well as all internal doors and frames.
However, contrary to exaggerated reports in some media, only six television sets, three refrigerators and one gas cooker were stolen. Being that the house is a modest,  4-bedroom duplex, it couldn’t have been fitted with ’36 Plasma television sets and about 25 refrigerators’ as falsely reported by some media outfits.
We thank all Nigerians for their show of concern and wish to convey the former President’s goodwill to all Nigerians.”

Investigations also showed that two dealers who had been the main recipient of the stolen items were said to have closed down their shops and fled.
A source revealed that the looting was discovered when a neighbour noticed “severe damage in the house” and called a member of President Jonathan’s family to ask whether the house was undergoing renovation. The former President was said to have personally gone to inspect the property after which he reported the vandalism to the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.
A trader at Panteka market, who confessed to being close to one of the fleeing buyers of the stolen items, according to Vanguard sources, said the police officers first brought some items to the market for sale in early 2016.

The Source Also reported;
“It all started sometimes around March 2016 when a mobile police sergeant came to Tipper Garage market and bought some items for sale. He approached one of the wholesalers to buy them, but the trader said he does not buy items from an unconfirmed owner. The officer who identified himself as Sergeant Musa told the trader that he was one of the security men guarding Mr. Jonathan’s private residence at Gwarimpa. He took the trader to follow him to confirm that he was not a thief who had come to sell off stolen properties in the market. The trader followed him to the residence where he met two other policemen, an Inspector and a Sergeant. They convinced him that the items were part of gifts to them. Afterwards, Sergeant Musa continued to invite the trader to the former president’s residence to pick up fresh items.At a point, the trader became scared when he suspected foul play and told Sergeant Musa that he was no longer interested in the transaction.  However, the officer later got another customer, a wholesaler in the market, who would eventually buy almost 80 per cent of all the properties removed from  President Jonathan’s residence.”

However, Investigations to find out what actually happened is currently in progress and the police officers who were supposed to be on duty that day are being held in for questioning.
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