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Fotso Victor’s 25 wives and 125 children launch battle among themselves, over his succession!

 BetaPipol Cameroonian Billionaire; Fotso Victor, be die on March 19th for Paris, at the age of 94. E leave 25 woman dem, wit 125 pikin dem.

Some of e woman dem and pikin dey don put date for make e funeral; June 20th 2020, some e oda woman and pikin dey di oppose, say e no go work, say dey nova approve make dey make e die on dat day. Say na only pikin dem from 2 of e woman dey make dat decision and dey no gree! Dey don write letter for Governor for West Region for tok say dey no dey d’accord make dey make Fotso Victor e die on June 20th, bicos dey nova approveam.

Some oda 9 page docki dey way na petition for wa Cameroonian embassy for France, from 18 of Fotso Victor e woman dem. Dey say make the embassy no gree make any person, except Mr Fotso John, transport Fotso Victor e die-body from France to Cameroon. Say Fotso John na the family representative.

The docki tok too say dey be don file complain for Tribunal for Nanterre(France) for “suspicious death, in the light of the circumstances of his[Fotso Victor’s] death… of movements in his personal accounts and those of family companies a few days before and after his death.”

So, Public Prosecutor get for make statement before dey fit transfer Fotso Victor e die-body from France to Cameroon.

The matter worry!! We go di update una.

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