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Fox News founder Roger Ailes, dies aged 77

Television expert and founder of Fox News Channel Roger Ailes has died. His death was announced by his family and also reported on Fox News.
US media reports that Ailes fell at his home in Palm Beach, Florida last week; suffered complications; and slipped into a coma.
Ailes 77, who died on Thursday, transformed cable news and then American politics by building the Fox News Channel into a ratings powerhouse,before being forced out amid sexual harassment allegations. 
He has been described by many as a legendary and complicated figure. He was bold, brilliant and charming — but also profane, intimidating and worse. Charges of sexual harassment ultimately led to his downfall last summer.
Ailes used his political and television expertise to launch Fox in 1996. With its slogan “Fair & Balanced,” the network grew into not just the cable news ratings leader, but a profound influence on the right wing of American politics.
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