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Franko collaborates with Davido to do a remix for ‘Coller la Petite’

So, I earlier on posted that the Nigerian superstar; Davido, endorsed ‘Coller la petite’, now he is collaborating with Franko to do a remix of the song! Woop Woop! He shared some tweets saying that the remix will be out soon, he even tweeted Franko’s mantra in his native Duala language, “Betchakalababobe” lol… Franko shared some tweets to confirm that as well, check their tweets out below:

Davido’s Tweet

Franko’s Tweet

Davido tweeting in Duala

And In Case you missed it, Franko’s “Coller la Petite” video now has over 3Million views on YouTube! We are so excited for his success!

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