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Franko responds to Minks in new song titled ‘Je Suis laid’

Some months ago, Mink’s released a song titled ‘Le gars la est laid.’ In the song, Mink’s narrates the story from the perspective of a guy who was dumped by his girlfriend for another guy who was ugly,  on a beat produced by PhillBillBeatz. Franko uses the same beat to create a song titled ‘Je suis laid’ which narrates that same story from the allegedly ugly guy’s perspective. In the song he acknowledges that he is ugly and that he has more money that is why he snatched the girl from Mink’s. LOL. These guys just took the words ‘Collaboration’, ‘unity’ and ‘creativity’ to a whole different level!! Cameroon obosso!!
Click to download ‘Je suis laid’ by Franko
Click to download ‘Le gars la est laid’ by Mink’s

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