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From today, Flights from the Nsimalen Airport, Yaoundé, to America, and from America to the Nsimalen Airport Yaoundé, have been banned!

According to an announcement made by the the US Embassy to Cameroon, flights from America to the Yaoundé Nsimalen Airport, and from the Yaoundé Nsimalen Airport, to America, have been banned, from today, because the Yaoundé Nsimalen Airport does not meet all the international safety conditions required.

See the announcement from the US Embassy website:

Travellers from the US are adviced to use the Douala International Airport instead.

On June 19th, the Director General of Airports in Cameroon, said out of the 134 safety conditions required by the international aviation committee, only 86 had been met. 4 were currently being looked into, while 44 were still on standby.

As a reaction to this announcement, the Director General of the Airports in Cameroon scheduled a working session with the security department of the Yaoundé Nsimalen Airport.

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