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Fuse ODG calls out BET for being disrespectful to african artists!

On watching the BET awards shows over the years, I always wondered why I never saw any African artist being  handed an award on the main stage but then after the show i’d hear one of my faves celebrating his/her victory (A BET Award). I had no idea that it was because they were given their awards backstage! As if they are not as good enough as the other black artists who get handed their awards on stage! And to think that it is BET, Black Entertainment Television! One would expect that ‘Blacks’ should treat all other ‘Blacks’ equally, cause we are ONE! Oh Well, thanks to Fuse ODG for bringing this to the light.The BET Awards this year held over the weekend and Fuse ODG boycotted the show because he doesn’t approve of the fact that the award for Best international act-Africa, is given backstage. He took to his twitter to address the situation and that got the ‘African twitter community’ talking, as they supported his reason for not attending the show! He is indeed an advocate for his movement, TINA(This Is New Africa). The new Africa’s artists should be treated with respect!See his tweet below:


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