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Gasha reveals the real reason behind her split with Stephen’s Music, announces upcoming collaboration with Magasco!

During a Tweet Chat party with Beta Tinz(@beta_tinz) on Twitter; fans had the opportunity to ask Gasha questions via the hashtag #AskGasha and alot of info was revealed.

When asked how her new video Back To Life which is very explicit in terms of nudity, was conceived she responded:

“Hi Beautiful! Thank you! It was all about nature, and me n the whole team tried our best to celebrate nature the best way we could…hope that answers lol.💋 #Gasha.”

When asked if she was preparing a collaboration with Magasco, she responded:

“Hi there! Thanks for coming!🤗💋  i love suspense..but yeah lol we just could be stewing up some sauce!!”

When asked why she left Stephen’s Music, she responded:

“Honestly, it wasnt about “Stevens” I  co-owned the label. N we concieved it with love and ambition. I just don’t work well in any environment where my creative process is controled, or defined. I dont regret my decision.Just regret that it went so public causing personal damages.”

When asked if she is proud of what Stephen’s Music is doing today, making superstars like Daphne, she responded:

“Are you kidding me?? Of course I am! It’s amazing!!! We scribbled that logo on a paper napkin n now..its ballistic! I didnt expect any less anyways, they are classy guys with big dreams n impeccable taste. #Gasha💋”

She also revealed that she would like to work with video director; Shamack, and that some of her favorite Camer artistes are; Magasco, Irma, Reniss, Awu and Kikoh.

She mentioned that her top priority is staying authentic.

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