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GBHS Etougebe stampede: Injured students stable – health officials

The health officials at the CBC hospital in Etougebe Yaounde, where students were rushed after the stampede at GBHS Etougebe, have said the injured “are now stable”.

Official sources said the incident on Monday left over 100 students injured.

Theresia Tantoh, a medical personnel at the Etougebe hospital said “we had leg and arm injuries. There were students who complained about pains in their chest and throat” she disclosed.

“Every student that we received is stable for the moment” the health official added.

The Principal of the institution and the SDO of the Mfoundi Division also indicated that no casualties were recorded “We assure parents that no death was recorded” Emmanuel Mariel Djikdent said.

Students had tried to force their way into the school campus after the gate was closed for the weekly morning assembly on Monday. The disorder was caused by students who did not want to follow a queue to enter as instructed. They began pushing against the others who followed the instructions, thereby causing a stampede.

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