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GCE 2017: Partial results released

Results of the 2017 Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) have been partially released. 
The partial release which includes only the GCE Advanced Level and technical GCE, witness a considerable drop from what was obtained in the previous year.
According to statistics from the board, 38000 candidates registered the GCE advanced level,  33037 candidates sat for the exams and  11670 passed, recording a percentage passed of 35.52%. The results witnessed a drastic drop compared to 2016 were some 46000 candidates registered and 43000 sat the exams and 29000 passed giving a percentage passed of 66.52%. 
This drop in the performance of candidates can highly be attributed to the ongoing Anglophone crisis which led to the closure of many schools in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon for over 4 months.
The GCE board has also confirmed that results of candidates who sat without prior registration have been withheld for malpractices, in other to verify their authenticity. 
Results for GCE ordinary level have not been released
Meanwhile for the technical GCE, 3472 candidates registered, 2567 wrote and just 574 passed with a percentage passed of 22.36% as against 54.33% in 2016. 

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