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Gendarme officer kills brigade Commander and 3 others in Kousserie

Security forces in Kousseri in the Logone and Chari Division of the Far North Region of Cameroon have opened investigations, after a Gendarme officer opened gun fire on Friday afternoon killing three of his colleagues and a civilian at the Kousseri Gendarmerie post.
Captain Ondoua
According to reports, the incident that occurred at around 2pm in the afternoon left many is shock, especially with three of the victims being his colleagues. 
Captain Ondoua, Commander of the Kousseri Gendarmerie Squadron Unit 33 died on the spot, and two other female Gendarmes Ndengue Carole and Mah Bebe later died from injuries sustained.
The killer Gendarme officer also shot a trader before handing himself to the police.
Another Gendarme Mollioum Haruna is receiving treatment from minor injuries.
At the moment the perpetrator’s motive for carrying out the gruesome act remains unclear, and could only be determined after the investigations.

However sources claim the young Gendarme who gunned four persons was reacting out of anger after the now late captain Ondoua had been going out with his girl.

Sources also added that the captain told him to respect hierarchy each time he complained.

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