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Genevieve Nnanji Shares Loved Up Photo Of Her & A Man. Could It Be Her Mystery Husband?

Screen Diva Genevieve Nnanji has left  her fans and the internet in a state of anticipation and confusion as to whether she is truly married or not. The Diva raised this speculations as a source reported that she secretly wedded last week in Portugal. Nnanji later shared a photo on her instagram page in which on her finger was spotted what seemed like a wedding band thereby pushing fans to conclude that the rumours were true.
As if not enough, she has recently shared a loved up photo of herself and a white man which fans immediately took to be her husband. In order to raise the anticipation and suspense higher, she didn’t caption the photo and the man covered his left hand with his right hand thereby making it difficult to tell if he had a wedding ring on his finger.
This attracted a lot of comments from fans and the public as seen below;

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