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Ghanaian Lady Butchered By Ex-Fiance !!

A Ghanaian lady was butchered by her ex-fiance in Labone, Ghana for having refused to reconcile with him.
According to reports, the lady had ended the relationship, abandoning him due to his physical abuse on her. She had taken her kids and moved to her aunt’s house leaving her fiance alone.
The guy later on came with all efforts to reconcile and take her back but she refused and sent the man away.
Anger, fury and inability to accept the rejection took over the man when he visited the lady in the absence of her aunt and butchered her to almost death. Neighbours came in some hours later and saw the lady in bits and immediately rushed her to the hospital. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it and died on the way to the hospital.

The abusive fiance upon hearing that the lady had not died after his act, returned to complete his act where he was apprehended by the police and is currently under custody awaiting trial.
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