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Girl sells her eggs(reproductive organ) to clinic in Douala, father wants clinic to return her eggs!

A 23-year-old girl had her ovaries/eggs taken at a clinic in the city of Douala in the Littoral Region for 250,000frs. After this operation there were complications. According to the doctors of the said clinic the complications were usual and could be treated. The girl in question is a student, and the day she was called in for sampling at the clinic was the same day she was to sit for her exams. She went to the clinic and was offered free care.

A cousin of hers in whom she had confided, revealed her whereabouts to her father, who angrily filed a complaint with the second gendarmerie region of Bonanjo for trafficking of organs.
The police went over to investigate the case and found out that the girl was informed by a friend of hers that the clinic was receiving eggs for a fee. She was paid 250,000frs for her eggs.

According to the clinic, the girl had the right to have the eggs removed without the approval of her parents. Doctors say it’s a legal operation. And the patient can conceive without any problems in the future. Her father on the otherhand is not having it, he wants his daughters eggs returned to her.

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