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Government hands 2 million to fisherman who found Bishop Balla’s body

A Malian fisherman who found the body of the late Bishop of Bafia, Jean-Marie Bénoit Balla, has been rewarded with FCFA 2 million ($3,545) by the Cameroon government.
27-year-old Ali Aoudi Dienta who found the body two days after the bishop went missing in the Sanaga river was handed the cash by the Governor of the Centre Region Naseri Paul Bea recently in Yaounde.
The Malian National who reportedly found the body of the Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala offered a 2millionFCFA compensation by the govt

— Mimi237 (@Mimimefo237) July 20, 2017

 Bishop Jean Marie Balla was declared missing on Tuesday 30 May, 2017, but his land cruiser jeep with registration plate number CE 9503V was found on the Ebebda bridge on Wednesday afternoon about 90km from Yaounde, with a note in the car, his ID card, driving license and car documents.
The handwritten note on the letter head of the diocese simply read “Je suis dans l’eau”, loosely translated into English as “I am in the water”.
The note found in the bishop’s car suggested he jumped into the river” and committed suicide by drowning, as no damage was done to his car which could indicate there was violence.
His body was found by the fisherman floating downstream three days after a search was initiated.
The bishop’s death continues togenerate a lot of controversy as an earlier autopsy which declared that he committed suicide by drowning was disputed by the Catholic Bishops Conference in Cameroon which says he was murdered.
Investigations are ongoing and there are reports of a possible second autopsy to bring the matter to a rest.
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