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Government transfers Medical Doctors who were leading strike to remote areas as method to end strikes!

The battle between Medical Doctors and the government is still going strong! It all started when SYMEC, the Syndicate of Medical Doctors issued a statement that they would be going on strike for poor working conditions, insufficient salary and early retirement age.

The minister of public Health, issued a statement in return saying that the Syndicate of Medical Doctors was an illegal group, that it was not recognized by the state, and he urged all chief-of-Centers to ensure that their Doctors show up at work.

The president of SYMEC later on responded again saying that SYMEC was a legal organization, registered under the state, and that the minister should stop using threats to stop them from expressing their grievances and going on strike.

After that, some weeks ago, SYMEC issued another statement calling on Medical Doctors to strike again from May 15th for the same lingering reasons which have still not been attended to.

Yesterday, the Minister of Public Health issued letters of transfer, especially transferring the leaders of SYMEC to very remote areas of the country, so as to neutralize their strike action.

SYMEC leaders who got transferred, compiled by Albert Nchinda

See statement of Transfers below:

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