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Governor of Littoral says explosion in Mboppi; Douala, was by terrorists!

As we earlier reported, two explosions were heard at Mboppi; Douala; Littoral region, earlier today. No life was lost. The governor of Littoral; Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, held a meeting with the press at midday to give a statement about the situation.

He said the explosion in Mboppi, Douala, was a terrorist attack. That the SCDP building at Mboppi was the target for the explosion.

The governor calls on the population of Douala to be very vigilant especially in public places, as forces of law and order take care of the situation. Right now, the road to Mboppi is blocked as investigation proceeds.

A commissioner on the case told the press “Terrorists have left from Far North to Bamenda and now in Douala.”

The Minister of Communication is expected to make a statement about the explosions later today.

Be safe, Beta Pipol!

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