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H.E Paul Biya asks parliament to adopt new policies, including a raise of the budget for the 2018 elections from 35 to 50 billion CFA

According the draft of the State budget for 2018, it has been set at 4,513 Billion Frs. This forecasted budget is up 140 billion CFA francs higher than the 4,373 billion CFA francs budget this year.
Read how much will be given to each ministry HERE

His Excellency President Paul Biya is asking the Members of parliament to adopt the following policies and more:

-Raise the budget for the next elections from 35 to 50 billion CFA francs
-Abolish the collection of property tax by electricity distribution companies.
-Raise the stamp duty for international flights from 10 thousand FCFA to 25 000 FCFA.

Read the letter below sent from the presidency to the prime ministry, carrying all the policies:

Members of parliament have been meeting since the 14th of November to plan the affairs of the Republic of Cameroon for next year.

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