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H.E Paul Biya calls on 20 diplomats to retire because they have passed the required retirement age

In its edition of November 22, 2017, Les Mutation Newspaper reveals that twenty Diplomats have just been called to retire because they have exceeded the established age for retirement in Cameroon.

These are Diplomats who were still stationed in their posts, officiating and representing Cameroon in countries abroad.

The decision to terminate their services comes from the President of the Republic, President Paul Biya. The note relating thereto, signed by Lejeune Mbella Mbella; Minister of External Relations (MINREX) dates from 20 November 2017.

It is worthy to note that The President of the Republic, H.E. Paul BIYA, signed on November 7, 2017, several decrees and orders appointing officials in the central and external services of the Ministry of External Relations appointing new diplomats who are supposed to occupy the posts that the 20 diplomats in question were still occupying abroad. See the list with the different personnel appointed HERE

This is the list of the 20 Diplomats called to retire:

Minister’s Advisers

–          Banoun Mathieu Blaise

–          Nsah Voundi Paul Gérard

–          Tabapsie Famdie Timothée

–          Etunyi Charles Aparandi

–          Souaibou Kingue Eyondi Alexandre Walter

Second Counselors

–          Wamba Fidele

–          Ndimba Wenceslas de Bohème

–          Ewonkem Nfonguen Ernest Claude

–          Owona née Minkue Laure

–          Mbous Jacques

–          Emati Charles

First Secretaries

–          Pepouna Ousmanou

–          Tagne Jean Marc

–          Ma’a Ole Edouard

–          Bisuu II Joseph

–          Koulibeng Martine

–          Mouliom Ibrai

–          Ndive Henry Lyonga

Second Counselors

–          Mabally Ngoua René

–          Tepi Kati Kiri

–          Tchuente Kom Hélène

–          Ateba Mvomo Jean Bernard

–          Otele Ama’a Philomène

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