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H.E Paul Biya uses 30 Cameroonian musicians and entertainers to rally people to vote for him.

President Paul Biya is organising a musical concert this Saturday, 6th October, one day before the elections, with 29 Cameroonian musicians and Comedians, including Congolese artiste; Fabregas.

The concert is going to take place at the Palais de sports Yaoundé. It is a free concert and over 7,000 people are expected to attend it.

Besides the fact that the concert is a platform to rally people to support President Paul Biya, it is also a symbol of Cultural unity and diversity.

Some of the Cameroonian artistes and comedians invited are:

Kareyce Fotso,
Annie Anzouer,
Grace Decca,
Kaiser show,
Dynastie le tigre,
Jean pierre Essome,
Nicole Mara,
Prince Afo Akom,
Ghislain dimaï,
Majoie Ayi,
Moustik Karismatik,
Claude Ndam,
Mani Bella,
Zonga Gaimouna,
Saint Bruno,
Nabila, Calvino,
Les featurist
Dj Cyrius Black
Ateh Bazor,
Jackson Patengue

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