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Hands of 3 GBHS Bamenda students sliced by unknown gang members

The hands of three students of GBHS down town Bamenda  has been sliced by members of an unidentified group named “5 boys of viper”.

The incident occurred behind the school campus on Monday afternoon.

Other students in class who witness the tragic event through the window said the perpetrators wielded machetes with which they used to attack the victims, who pleaded for mercy before their hands were sliced off.

They also said the so-called “5 boys of viper” threaten other students in class to stop shouting else they will be targeted too. The motive behind the attack remains unknown.

The gang successfully carried out their act and escaped without any opposition, and it was only after their departure that the police arrived the scene.

The inured students were rushed to the Bamenda regional hospital for immediate treatment.

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