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Honorable Joseph Wirba issues message to people of West Cameroon!

Honourable Joseph Wirba took to his Facebook page(Honorable Wirba Joseph) to share this message with the people of Southern Cameroons:
My dear brothers and sisters,
I speak to you all today with a heavy heart and profound frustration resulting from both confirmed, and unconfirmed reports of several acts of vandalism and atrocities against some individuals as well as infrastructures in the West Cameroon. Setting up human beings in flames, attacking some with acids, and torching down infrastructures are not reflective of the admirable values in our culture and character as West Cameroonians. Such actions that lack respect for humanity are associated to the colonial government of LA Republique du Cameroun.

I strongly condemn these horrific and inhuman acts. Beware that our oppressors in their desperation can do this to justify their brutalities on our people. Our struggle in reclaiming our rights and freedom is legitimate and we have no need for anything violent.The virtue in our character and culture as West Cameroonians will continue to be demonstrated through our peaceful resistance.

Our brothers and sisters are continuously being unlawfully abducted and detained, tortured and abused beyond human imagination. That is what they do best. While they struggle to find legitimacy through oppression, we will maintain our pride by respecting humanity. We will reclaim our rights and freedom by resisting their oppression peacefully.

I hear you all. I see you all. We share the same pain and frustrations, but we will forge ahead holding each others’ hands tighter than ever, wearing the batch of our unique culture with undeniable pride. We must never allow ourselves to act like them. We are different from them and will never imitate their violent ways. I encourage you all to verify any information concerning me or from me on my official Facebook page for authentication. Thank you all for the immense support and prayers. Please share to all you can.
Be strong 
God bless 

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