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“I apologize” – Popular Nso artist Lontum Yov reacts to Ngweron warning

Shey Lontum Yov has reacted to the warning sent by the Ngweron society on his usage of cultural insignia reserved for royalty in the Nso land.

The music artist said in a release shared on his social media platforms that he “accepts this call to order and recognizes the authority and responsibility of Ngweron to ensure the strict respect of our heritage.”

The singer had been warned by the Ngweron in a communique released on March 22, which highlighted that the artist was observed to be using traditional attire reserved strictly for the Fon and other notables.

In his reaction, Lontum asked for forgiveness. “It was in no way an expression of me standing parrallel to my father or undermining the traditions” he said.

The artist drew wide attention with his use of the Lamso dialect in his music with melodies portraying a messenger in the Nso land.

He has reiterated that “I have tried to stop at nothing to promoting the culture through my music.”

He assured the Ngweron that he will “take steps to rectify the situation”.

The Nso cultural artist has called on bloggers, promoters and event planners to avoid using any of his old pictures with the prohibited attire. He urged anyone wishing to use his image to contact his management first.

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