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“I knew I would knock him out” Cedric Doumbe

French mixed martial artist of Cameroonian origin, Cedric Doumbe, demonstrated a tremendous mastery of his combat ability in the knockout inflicted on Jordan Zebo at the PFL main event in Paris on Saturday.

It took Doumbe nine seconds to do the damage on his French counterpart.

“I knew that I would knock him out, but I didn’t know it will take me nine seconds.

“I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t pass the first round” Doumbe said.

He disclosed that before the fight, he had told Jordan Zebo that “I’m far stronger than you are. Don’t let your defeat disorient you. Keep working hard after and listen to your coaches” the kickboxer said, calling on everyone to massively support Zebo.

The sold-out fight in Zenith Paris, was watched by several top sports personalities, including Kylian Mbappe. It marked a 5-0 record for Cedric Doumbe as a professional mixed martial artist.

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