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“I love Cameroon, but I love Charlotte Dipanda’s breasts more” – Maahlox

BetaPipol as Charlotte Dipanda tok dat tin way we postam for morning time… Say make Papa P hand ova leadership… Na tin dis way e tok:

“I think it is time that we are offered something else, it is time that Cameroon develops, because when there is no change there is not really any development possible. The current leader has come to the end of what he could offer and I humbly think that he should give way to a new governance without resentment.”

Mendem go di cosh e for Facebook…

Na e way Maahlox tok say e di support Charlotte Dipanda. E say make e beta use di opportunity for brain Charlotte bicos man nodi kno… Charlotte fit sorry e, gi e smol ndehpehcheu…

E say all dat mendem way dey di cosh Charlotte, if e gi dem e lass dey go deny for takeam? E say e nodi reason wit e hed, e di reason na wit e tortor… E say quiet geh dem like Charlotte dey di eva like bad boys dem like e… Say e and Charlotte go dey like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston…

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