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“I was never signed to BEST Music”- Tzy Panchak speaks!

Rumors have been circulating online saying that afro-pop artiste; Tzy Panchak dissed his former record label; Best Music, for a new one. So, being the Beta Pipol that we are, we reached out to the parties concerned for the real story.
Tzy Panchak admitted to us that he was never signed to Best Music. His collaboration with Best Music was based on a partnership with mutual benefits that were well exhausted by both parties. So him signing a new deal with another record label is not bridging any sort of contract or agreement whatsoever with Best Music. His relationship with Best Music is still cordial.

Tzy Panchak with co-founder of Best Music; Slimbeatz

He signed a music deal with a new record label based in the United States called ‘Blu Nation.’ There are a lot of surprises that would be unveiled in the nearest future, fans of good music, stay alert, because Panchak is about to take over!!

Tzy Panchak holding his contract form with executives of Blu Nation

In the meantime enjoy his previous releases by clicking HERE

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