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” I was Once A Sex Toy”-Timaya Opens Up About His Youthful Struggles

Nigerian singer Timaya recently spoke about some disturbing moments in his past as he opens up to have been a  “Sex Toy” just for food and shelter. This revelation was made in an interview with Punch News where the singer emphasized on the importance of self belief, hard work and perseverance which according to him were attributes that served him well on his journey to the top.
Once a rebellious person as a child, the artiste had to deal with having regular sex with an older woman who provided him with food and shelter in his days as an exuberant youth.
In His words he said;

“I learnt that to succeed in life, I had to stay passionate about my dreams, never settle for less and keep working hard every day.
“Most importantly, I learnt to believe that God makes everything possible in good time. I have been through a lot of things in life, and if I begin to share my story, you will be shocked.
“I was born into a fairly comfortable family but I was a rebel and I often ran away from home. I once lived in Port Harcourt with a woman who was older than me and she used me like I was a sex toy.
“I had to service her whenever she had the urge in exchange for food and a roof over my head. However, I have always dreamed big. Despite my travails, I never let go of my aspirations while believing that one day, I would make it big.”

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