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Interim leader of the consortium; Mark Bareta, reveals the next plan in The Strike action!

Mark Bareta, citizen journalist, social/political activist, and one of the two interim Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society consortium leaders, has made a post revealing the next move of the consortium in the strike action to solve The Anglophone problem in Cameroon. This is what he said:

Good Morning
What Next?
I have read a lot of public and private comments people keep asking about what next since Ghost town is effective. Let me attempt an answer while preserving our strategy for the enemy.
This is what next:
1. We continue keeping our children home to ensure that no school resume.
2. We continue observing Ghost towns on Mondays and Tuesdays 
3. We prepare for the final destruction of 11th February by ensuring that on that day, it is very ghostly
All these actions are meant to ensure that the school year becomes blank which will soon happen, then the dynamics will change. It will also frustrate Government to call for a genuine dialogue as well as releasing our leaders unconditionally. Additionally, the diaspora continues its pressure in foreign embassies.
The consortium is also putting and gathering a diplomatic push to some quarters as well as investing in media relationship especially foreign. The twitter strategy is also getting more foreign media involve in our case.
So people should not get worked up. Let us continue ensuring that schools remain closed, Ghost towns continue perfectively, tweeting and preparing for 11th February boycott while diplomatic push continues in the background.
Let us remember that this struggle could be a long walk but success is near.
God bless you. 
Mark Bareta.

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