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Is Wizkid headed for disaster?

The 23 year old Nigerian Hottie, Wizkid has been highly talked about because of a tweet he wrote. this is what happened, he twitted that he had to go and perform for a wedding but he had AN hangover. did you see that? he said An hangover instead of A Hangover and should i say a fan or a follower, immediately spotted the grammatical error and this is what he Tweeted in reply:
                 “naxxo u gbagaun for music sef #20man smh tho… c d reason y u shld get back sch. lol.
Wizkid, obviously furious, replied
                   “broke people always think they have an opinion.”
Everbody is cursing Wizkid saying ‘he is proud’, ‘he is arrogant’,’he is biting the hands that fed him’…but nobody is pointing out the fact that he was insulted first. Before being a celebrity he is human. That guy (who in my opinion is not a fan) insulted Wizkid’s ego by saying that he needed to go back to school.Human beings especially men don’t take insults like that lightly. More than 45% of the male folk would have acted as much. Now every body is spitting hate words at Wizkid without empathizing with him. If you were the one, what would you do? …i’m not taking sides tho’, i’m just expressing my opinion!

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