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Issa Tchiroma narrates the events that led to the shooting and killing of a Gendarme in Jakiri

Yesterday, we reported that a group of youths in Jakiri, seized a Gendarme’s gun, shot and killed him. Read about it here.

The Minster of Communications; Issa Tchiroma Bakary, makes official statement narrating what actually happened. He narrates:
“The Minister of Communication informs the national and international public that on Monday, November 6, 2017, around 8 am, a group of about ten individuals armed with slingshots and machetes, perpetrated an attack against Jakiri Technical High School(GTHS) in Bui Department, North West Region. The attackers then entered the compound of the establishment to expel teachers and students who were there in full session. Realizing the situation, the principal of the Lycée immediately gave the alert to the defense and security forces who vigorously intervened, thus making it possible to check the criminal activities of the attackers. It was during the fight to catch up with them that Constable Major Djolay Bienvenue, serving at 51 Squadron in Bafoussam, but seconded to the Jakiri Brigade, was attacked and shot by the thieves. His body was found a few moments later, riddled with bullets, not far from the scene.”

The Minister went furtherto extend his condolences to the family of the gendarme in question.
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