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“It doesn’t interest me” – Chief rejects President Paul Biya’s gift!

BetaPipol una memba dat sanitary equipments dem way Papa P be donateam for all the 360 Sub Divisions dem for Cameroon nor? For fight against Coronavirus… So Grand Atango sendam for all SDO dem make dey shaream for all villages dem.

So di DO go hand the gift for some chief for South Region make e useam for e village.

The Chief teh dat DO say e village dey located right for the end of di contri. Say e village dey bitwin Kribi and Ebolowa. So dat Sanitary tindem nodi interest e. Dey get diffrent tindem way dey needam for e village.

DO teh the Chief say gift way comot from Papa P na ‘Sovereignty.’ Say if e rejectam den na sign of indiscipline and insubordination. And if e be indiscipline, dey go sack e from e post as chief. Una swipe see the video.

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