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“It was a visit of explanation” General Brice Oligui Nguema

The President of the transitional government in Gabon, Brigadier General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema, described his visit to Cameroon on Wednesday, December 6, as a visit of explanation on what is happening in Gabon.

The country witnessed a coup on August 30, led by General Oligui Nguema, who toppled former president Ali Bongo’s government.

During his 24-hour visit to Cameroon, the transitional leader held talks with President Paul Biya, whom he described as the “grand doyen” of the Central African subregion.

“I think this visit was important for us because it was a visit of explanation of what is happening in Gabon” General Oligui Nguema said.

“I came to implore that Gabon comes back to the scene […], in order that Gabon regains its nobility.”

The coup in the Central African country had been widely condemned by international bodies that pushed for sanctions to be placed on Gabon.

“We exchanged on the issues about cooperation in the subregion” – Brice Oligui Nguema. “Mr Paul Biya promised us his total support” he highlighted.

The General added that the visit reassures him of a quick return to normalcy in Gabon.

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