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Japanese Princess Gives Up Royalty For Love.

All for love, Japanese Emperor’s daughter, Mako, has decided to give up her royalty to marry Kei Komuru a law firm worker and commoner whom she fell in love with.
The couple is said to have met at a restaurant 5years ago in Tokyo where they happened to talk about studying abroad. Since then, the two have been seeing each other in recent months.
According to the Japanese Imperial law, any princess that decides to get married to a commoner will have to leave the imperial family and become a commoner like her spouse.
The princess, fully aware of the law, agreed to continue with the marriage procedures holding up to the principle that love conquers all.
Plans are on the way for the two to become engaged. Though the engagement won’t be official until there’s a ceremonial exchange of gifts, the news has sparked fresh concerns about the shrinking size of the imperial family as it is a rare case of a princess giving up her royalty for a commoner.

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