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John Dumelo ‘‘under pressure to perform’’ anytime Yvonne Nelson drops her panties, Twitter user says

John Dumelo cannot seem to catch a break no matter what he does on twitter. He’s been called too many names but now another one has seemingly been added.

A twitter user accused the actor of being ‘under pressure to perform’, anytime Yvonne Nelson dropped her panties.

The exchange started after Dumelo, watching Sunday’s el clasico, tweeted that Ronaldo is always under pressure to perform when playing against Messi.

“Ronaldo is under pressure to perform infront of Messi his mentor” Dumelo tweeted.

“Just like you are always under pressure to perform in front of yvonne nelson each time she takes off her panties in the movies” Dumelo’s nemesis fired back at him this morning.

“That’s a very disrespectful statement against Miss Nelson. If you are trying to be funny or sarcastic, try again later” Dumelo responded.

Check out the exchange below…

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