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Joshua Osih reveals why he would be a better President than Paul Biya, promises to close down ENAM if voted President. This is what he said:

Yesterday August 22nd SDF Presidential candidate, Honorable Joshua Osih, hosted a press conference in Douala to unveil his political, social and economic program.

It is worthy to note that the press conference started right on the scheduled time. A practice that is usually difficult to implement.

Joshua Osih presented a 24 point Manifesto with points as seen below:

Many questions arose from his point to close down the school of Magistracy; ENAM. He responded saying that ENAM is a colonial heritage worth closing because it does not function properly.

He said ENAM does not make the people that come out of it, but it is rather the people who make the school. He assured the media that shutting down ENAM would not affect the civil servants it produces.

He mentioned that institutes would be developed in the different government functions trained in ENAM. Institutes that would train civil servants in defined functions.

ENAM represents bad governance.” Osih continued. “Closing it, is symbolic for progress.”

On bilingualism, Osih said “As soon as we take over Yaoundé… Every high ranking official will have a certain amount of time to comply to the obligation of bilingualism or resign”

In comparison with Paul Biya, Osih said he would make a better president because:
– Paul Biya is proposing War but he is calling for peace
-Paul Biya is pushing an expensive lifestyle but he is standing for an affordable life for Cameroonians
-Paul Biya is for a disfunctional decentralised system of government but he is bringing power close to the people with a ten state federation.

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