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Jovi releases highly anticipated album; 16 Wives

As published by New Bell Music: 
Jovi releases his third album, 16 Wives. After his second album; Mboko God, was released in May 2015, Jovi spent the last two years producing seven EPs for himself and other New Bell Music artists, and two full length LPs for Reniss and Pascal. Now he is back with his third full-length album, 16 Wives.
The 16-track album features four previously released songs, and twelve new ones, drawing listeners into his witty, provocative, lyrical world. Written in English, French, Pidgin, and multiple dialects, Jovi’s bars in 16 Wives reflect the linguistic diversity of Cameroon’s culture. Produced by Jovi under his pseudonym, Le Monstre, the epic production throughout the album perfectly blends African musical traditions with contemporary hip hop.  16 Wives evolves from the sounds of Jovi’s debut album, H.I.V, and his sophomore album, Mboko God, taking Le Monstre’s signature Mboko sound to new heights. 

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