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Jovi’s new video; Depanner, is ‘Central African Music in miniature.’ This is why:

Camer’s Mboko god; Jovi, has already gotten his fans comfortable with the fact that he releases new music whenever!

His consistency is a challenge to several other Cameroonian artistes who find it hard for several reasons to release new music regularly.

I guess it is one of the benefits of being your own boss!

Less than a month ago, he released the video for his single Pimencam. We have not even finished savoring that one and he releases another hot tune titled Depanner.

It’s safe to call the track ‘Central African music in miniature’ because it embeds the dominant sounds from Central Africa(Zouglou, coupé décalé, ndombolo, Bikutsi, Makossa).

The song was produced by Jovi himself for our listening pleasure. The video was directed by the creative Ndukong. Click below to watch and enjoy:

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