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Julliet Ibrahim lashes at Empress Njama On Instagram

Nollywood Actress Empress Njama recently blamed women for being the cause of domestic violence on them. 
In an interview with Broadway Africa TV,  that took place yesterday Wednesday May 17th, the actress said women are to be blamed if they face domestic violence in their relationships.

Her words were;
“A man hits a woman is domestic violence. A woman hits a man what is it called? We are always all about domestic violence and its all about the woman. Do you know that there are men who are more beaten up mentally than the women they beat physically.”

“I am not saying its advisable but the truth of the matter is that sometimes some women are head strong and they can actually traumatize their partner mentally, that can actually make them run mad. And they probably do not know when they just hit…a lot of things happen in marriages. A marriage is not a bed of roses.

“I am not saying it is good but sometimes you need to work together to help the man. If the man is naturally a wife beater or woman beater, you can actually help the man out of it.
He probably must have experienced a lot of things growing up. And in this time and age, growing up he must have seen one or two things and inculcate but sometimes let us not just put it on the man alone.”

These words of hers aroused a lot of reactions from the public with most being criticisms. The most remarkable of all reactions was that of Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim who took to Instagram today, May 18th to lash out on her colleague, she wrote;

“KARMA IS A B*TCH! When it comes barking up your own tree or in ur family ; please preach ur wisdom that time… #whatApity and we call ourselves celebrities! When people decide to sit and form advisers they should think twice before talking honestly.

What’s the meaning of “a man hits a woman it’s called domestic violence and when a woman hits a man it’s called what?” MADAM, it’s the same domestic violence either ways and what we have been preaching since day one is the fact that no one should get to the point of hitting another being in the name of anger or rage! Violence is WRONG!

There is no excuse! Violence should NEVER EVER BE THE OPTION OR CHOICE!!! there is NO REASON IN THE WORLD FOR A MAN OR WOMAN TO GET PHYSICAL ON ANOTHER Person! Domestic Violence which is an abuse comes in several forms could be emotional or physical as well; sadly we do NOT SEE THE EMOTIONAL ABUSE ON MOST; what most people are preaching against lately is the fact that people can’t SEEM TO CONTROL ANGER AND GET OUT OF VIOLENT RELATIONSHIPS!

No one is sitting around happy about victims ( both male and female) being attacked and killed brutally ; what we are standing firm against is the fact that We as humans need to see the signs and exit the relationship immediately we notice the signs or speak to the rightful authorities before it is Too Late!

How dare you try to justify why another person will get physically violent on another till it leads to death or getting burnt! Are you even aware that RAPE IS also a form of violence ? Would you sit in ur seat and preach that ladies that get raped are the ones bringing it upon themselves? Is that ur mindset? YOU WOULD BLAME A LADY FOR GETTING RAPED ? Shouldn’t you be preaching against rape and violence in general rather than justifying the Act? Haven’t you seen photos of women who were murdered after being raped? Is it the woman’s fault that some guy couldn’t control his urge????

Would you also sit and advise that everyone should pick up guns and go to war because they were offended by another country??? #sayNotodomesticviolence against women or men! We preach against it! VIOLENCE SHOULD NEVER BE THE END RESULT!”

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